Aromatherapy Awareness Week 7th – 13th June 2021

Neals Yard Covent Garden

This Aromatherapy Awareness Week is the perfect opportunity for me to explain, through a series of blog posts, more about the wonderful therapeutic uses and benefits of essential oils as well as providing some insight into why I became an Aromatherapist and how I work with essential oils.

My First Encounter with Essential Oils

My first encounter with essential oils was on a trip to Covent Garden with my mum when I was about 12 or 13. She took me to Neal’s Yard Remedies in search of a natural moisturiser for my irritable teenage skin but in the centre of the shop was a table full of little bottles of fragrances.

I was instantly drawn to the bottle labelled “Black Pepper”. Asking what the bottles were for, my mum explained they were to create perfumes. “Why would anyone want a perfume that smelled like black pepper?” I asked as I inhaled deeply from the tester bottle. Step forward a member of staff who explained aromatherapy as using concentrated plant oils for therapeutic use in massage and skincare products and so on.

The seed was sown…

Fast forward some 15 years and, bored in my office job, I frequently found myself searching for an Aromatherapy course that I could fit around my very full time job. In the end, unfulfilled by life in London and corporate jobs, my husband and I decided to take life in our own hands and make a change.

The Training Begins!

We left London for Scotland, opened a B&B to pay the bills and spent our spare time pursuing the careers we each wanted. I found the Highland School of Massage and enrolled in a Swedish Massage course with Anatomy, Pathology & Physiology, which I knew would be the perfect foundation to continuing my training to become an Aromatherapist.

However, I was much more interested in the Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology learning than I thought I would be and that led me to pursue Remedial & Sports Massage training next. Followed by Massage for Pregnancy along with other shorter courses.

Dreams Come True

Finally, in 2017, I fulfilled my dream and took up my place on the prestigious, IFPA accredited diploma course in Essential Oil Science with Neal’s Yard Remedies. It was so exciting to return to the yard in Covent Garden where my very first experience of essential oils had happened and to be learning in a classroom above the store.

All the experience I had gained in the intervening years as a working therapist helped me understand what a powerful addition the use of essential oils would be for my existing clients as well as opening up avenues to work with new ones!

Clinical Aromatherapist

And that is where I am now, a fully qualified Clinical Aromatherapist! Working with essential oils is such a wonderful experience. It’s a collaborative process between therapist and you, the client, to create the perfect blend to suit your needs on the day.

I have created blends for such a diverse range of issues, from anxiety around big life-changing events to blends for pain relief. There have been sleep aids, energy-boosting blends and creams for skin complaints; muscle rubs, inhalation sticks for sinus issues, headache balms and diffuser blends for rest, focus, hayfever relief… And perhaps my favourite of all, a special “Magic Potion” for a little one’s bathtime.

Everyday brings something different and an opportunity to learn more about these gifts from nature and how they can help in so many ways! What can I do for you with my little bottles of oils?

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