Scar Treatment

Scar Treatment

Sharon Wheeler’s ScarWork is a highly effective range of techniques used to treat scar tissue and the effects of invasive surgery or injury on surrounding tissues.

Light in pressure but far-reaching in effect, these techniques can be incorporated into a full massage session or used for a more focused treatment to an area affected by scarring.

The aim is to improve/restore function to the tissues and joints affected by surgery/injury more than just to improve the cosmetic appearance of the scar.

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Common Questions

This will depend on the type of surgery you are having but once the wound is healed over it may be possible to begin gentle work. Please speak to your medical team for advice.

I will not do any specific Scar Work on a c-section scar during pregnancy but a Pregnancy Massage may be helpful in the meantime.

It may take a little longer and it depends what you are hoping to achieve but yes, there are benefits to having Scar Work on any scar tissue.

Absolutely! If you are comfortable with the idea then I am happy to work with you.

Then we will work around it. As with all my treatments, ultimately you are in charge and I will work with your guidance and feedback. Sometimes just laying a hand gently over the scar site is enough for the first session and I will then work around the scar site for the rest of the session.

Whilst direct work on a keloid scar is unlikely to help, working around the scar to soften tissue may ease discomfort and help restore function to the area.