About Sam Colverd

Hi, I’m Sam Colverd, Clinical Aromatherapist and Remedial Massage Therapist, and my mission is to help you to de-stress, physically, mentally and emotionally, through a combination of aromatherapy, wellbeing and hands-on massage techniques.

I have been interested in the calming effects of massage since childhood when my mother used to get me to stand behind her on the sofa and massage her shoulders.

After a tough day at work or a long drive, it fascinated me that her shoulders could be so tight but become soft just through some crude massage “techniques”, and my grandma used to comb her fingers down my back which was so soothing and would send me off to sleep in minutes.

It was also in childhood and early teens that I became interested in aromatherapy (even though I had no idea of the actual concept at that time). Always one to stop and smell the roses or lavender, run my hands through a rosemary bush to release the fragrance and try desperately to make my own perfumes by mashing flowers into water, fragrance has always influenced my mood and emotions or stirred memories.

A trip to the Neal’s Yard Remedies shop in Covent Garden in my early teens was my first introduction to essential oils and where the meaning of aromatherapy was first explained to me and where I first learned that this could be combined with massage.

About Sam Colverd

Turning Passion Into Career

When I began my massage training in 2004, it was always with the intention of becoming an Aromatherapist.

The journey hasn’t been as direct as I originally planned as I decided to move on from my Swedish massage training to become a Remedial & Sports Massage therapist first to give me a better understanding of how the physical body is impacted by postural changes, sporting activities, injury and stress.

I furthered my skills by training to work with pregnant and post-natal clients and also to support clients living with cancer. I have also recently added Sharon Wheeler’s Scar Work to my skillset.

Now I add the use of essential oils to all the other skills I have learned to offer a truly bespoke and effective treatment, designed specifically with your needs in mind. I studied to become a Clinical Aromatherapist with Neal’s Yard Remedies which seemed only fitting having discovered my love for essential oils in their store which is beneath the training rooms.

I have been an Independent Consultant for Neal’s Yard Remedies for over 10 years, retailing their beautiful natural, organic skincare products and using the products in my treatments.

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In My Downtime...

Outside of work, I play samba reggae drums with Batala Portsmouth, enjoy walking with my dog Holly, getting out in my beautiful MG BGT classic car, spending time pottering in the garden, reading a good book and practicing yoga.