Soothing Hand & Arm Massage - 45 mins

Give your hard-working hands a nourishing treat with this relaxing and restorative treatment. Ideal for treating aches and pains whilst nourishing the skin and nails (especially if it’s been suffering from constant hand washing and harsh sanitising products).
A soothing soak in a warm hand bath filled with Seaweed & Arnica Bath Salts will ease aches and pains. This is followed with a gentle exfoliating scrub using uplifting Melissa Hand Polish will remove dry skin in preparation for a massage to work out the tension in hands and arms. The session finishes with a nourishing dose of Frankincense Intense Hand Serum followed with your choice of luxurious hand cream, perfect to restore moisture to dry skin. A beautiful gift for a key worker, gardener, office worker, mechanic… Anyone who uses their hands!
Helping Hands