Clinical Aromatherapy

What is clinical aromatherapy?

Clinical Aromatherapy involves the therapeutic application of essential oils to offer support in times of poor health and to help maintain good health.

What Are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are the volatile plant essences containing chemical components manufactured within the leaves of aromatic plants during photosynthesis.

These chemicals are then stored within the flowers, leaves, fruit, seeds or bark of the plant from where they are extracted to produce the essential oils by steam distillation or expression.

Clinical Aromatherapy

How Do Essential Oils Work?

Each oil is made up of a unique mixture of chemical components which gives it specific therapeutic properties. It’s understanding these chemical components that enables me to determine, through a consultation with you, which oils suit your individual requirements.

When absorbed through the skin, the oils work physically via the pharmacological effects on the systems of the body. They work emotionally by the effect on the brain via their interaction with the olfactory system and energetically/spiritually through their vibrational interaction with the energy flows of the body.

What Can Clinical Aromatherapy Do For You?

First of all, it’s important to know that I am not qualified to make any diagnosis and you should always first consult your GP about any new health concern.

However, there are lots of minor ailments I can help with and aromatherapy and essential oils can certainly help support and assist with the treatment of many and varied symptoms and conditions.

From anxiety and asthma to sleep issues, women’s health conditions, skin problems, digestive disorders, headaches, sinusitis, mental focus and muscular aches and pains – these are just some of the many symptoms I have helped clients cope with using clinical aromatherapy.

What To Expect From Your Session

For any treatment, the first step is to book a full Consultation and Assessment before your first visit. This allows me to get a full picture of your health and wellbeing and the issue(s) you are seeking help with.

Depending on your needs, I will then create a bespoke blend of essential oils either for your own personal use at home or for your massage treatment, although usually I advise a combination of massage plus “homework” for maximum benefit. This will be discussed and explained as part of the consultation process.

An aromatherapy massage has so many benefits! The physical application of the essential oils in a diluted blend is an effective way to absorb them into the body, and you’ll receive the relaxing benefits of the massage itself plus, of course, the beautiful scent of the oils during the treatment.

I can also create bespoke products for home use. “Sniff Sticks” or diffuser blends are useful as inhalation devices for respiratory issues, seasonal allergies, headaches, anxiety and sleep problems. Pulse-Point roll-ons, body lotions, balms or massage oils can be created for topical applications. I can also prepare bath/shower blends as appropriate.

My Qualifications & Experience

I studied for my Diploma in Essential Oil Science with the prestigious Neal’s Yard Remedies training school in London’s Covent Garden. This course was designed for existing bodyworkers so the focus was purely on learning the properties, benefits and applications of over 70 different essential oils and how to safely use them in a therapeutic setting.

During the Covid lockdowns, I furthered my knowledge by using the time away from hands-on work to undertake a number of online CPD (Continued Professional Development) courses. I studied with The Well School learning about an additional 15 essential oils, Aromatherapy for Women’s Health, workshops on essential oils for periods of transition and grief, anxiety and stress, seasonal allergies, and insomnia.

I trained initially in Swedish Massage, Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology with the intention of becoming a Clinical Aromatherapist. Learning the basics of anatomy really piqued my interest and I decided to further my training in this area by taking my Sports & Remedial Massage qualification. You can read more about the Massage modalities I am qualified in on subsequent pages. These years of training and practical experience really stood me in good stead for understanding how essential oils can be used for such a huge range of conditions and gave me the massage skills so that I can use bespoke massage blends in therapeutic massage treatments.

I am a member of IFPA (the International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists).

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